Sony solves strange messages problems for PlayStation 4

Yesterday there was a bug on the PlayStation 4 where players received a strange characters message. However, Sony solves strange messages problems.
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Yesterday it became known that there was a bug on the PlayStation 4. Some players received a message full of strange characters. As soon as this message was opened, the game computer ran steady and you could no longer start the console normally. however, Sony solves strange messages problems.

Sony announced via Twitter that the problems have now been resolved. Games computers should no longer get stuck when players receive messages full of strange characters. An official press release has not been published. In the message on Twitter of the official Twitter account of PlayStation UK an employee also knows how to solve the problem when you received a message with strange characters. Is your PlayStation 4 still stuck? In fact, the game computer is in a constant crash loop. Fortunately, the solution is easy to manage within five minutes.

Delete the message via the app

What you need is the PlayStation app for iOS or Android. Within the app you can easily delete the message. Then start the PlayStation in safe mode and select option 5. That’s all to solve the problem permanently. Do you want certainty that this will not happen again in the future? Choose in the options to receive only messages from friends.