Sony shows 440-inch microLED television with 8K resolution

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Sony showed its latest prototype 8K microLED display at the NAB show in Las Vegas. The Japanese manufacturer gives the technique itself the name Crystal LED and sees applications both at home and in the cinema.

Sony shows 440-inch microLED display

The microLED display from Sony has a size of 440-inch, which comes down to 10 meters by 5.5 meters. The screen consists of small microLED modules that together form a large whole, without visible seams. The resolution of the display is 8K x 4K, which amounts to four times as many pixels as a standard 4K Ultra HD TV.

Furthermore, the Crystal LED display has 1,000 nits of brightness, deep black values ​​and a contrast of 1,000,000: 1. At the moment the screen is already used for reporting on TV, but Sony also sees possibilities for screens in cinemas and in the future possible for applications in the living room.

Samsung goes for microLED

Competitor Samsung has already presented a microLED television for consumers earlier this year. This 146-inch model, called The Wall has to be sold before the end of the year.