Sony promises solution for spontaneously darkening OLED TVs

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It does not go very well with Sony. The Japanese manufacturer has this year a few times issues my premium oled TVs have to solve, and even now the company again with a solution to a problem. Users complain about spontaneously darkening images.

Sony recently rolled out a firmware update that added support for Dolby Vision to the company’s premium oled TVs. Unfortunately, several users of these TVs now experience the problem that the screen spontaneously darkens. The OLED panel temporarily dims its brightness, especially when there are static elements on the screen, such as a logo. In the video below, a user shows the problem.

Sony itself admits that there is a problem and hoped that a recent firmware update would fix the problem. That is not the case and so the Japanese manufacturer promises to solve the problem in a future update. Unfortunately, it is not known when we can expect that solution exactly. In addition, Sony indicates that it only concerns the A1-series oled TVs although there are also users of the AF8-series who experience the problem .

We are aware of the issue and our engineering team is investigating the A1 dimming performance in order to improve it via a future firmware update. The AF8 is not affected by the issue

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