Sony launches ZF9 Master series LCD led TVs with full array local dimming

Sony launches ZF9 Master series LCD led TVs with full array local dimming. The Japanese manufacturer launched this new, premium LCD LED TV series.
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Earlier today, Sony announced the AF9 series Master Oled TVs but that does not stop there. The Japanese manufacturer also comes with a new, premium LCD LED TV series. The new models go under the name ZF9 and are also part of the Master series.

Sony ZF9 series Master OLED TVs

The Sony ZF9 series LCD LED TVs are just like the AF9 series OLED TVs the sign of the best picture quality. The new models come in 65-inch and 75-inch formats and feature a full array backlight with local dimming. Put simply, this means that the LCD LED TVs are equipped with LED zones behind the panel, but how many zones exactly that does not let Sony know.

Furthermore, the ZF9 series LCD LED TVs have the same X1 Ultimate processor as the AF9- series of oled TVs. This processor has functions like Object Based HDR Remaster, Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR, Dual database processing and Object Based Super Resolution, with which images are analyzed and optimized. The models are also equipped with X-Wide Angle, which limits color change. A wider viewing angle is created that reduces color shifts, so that the colors remain real regardless of the viewing position.

The LCD LED TVs are equipped with the 4K Ultra HD resolution and can display HDR in the form of HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. The smart TV platform is again Android TV, supplemented with built-in Chromecast for streaming media. The Google Assistant for voice operation is also present. Sony has also worked with Netflix again. This has resulted in the Netflix Calibrated Mode, with which both parties guarantee the image quality as intended by the producer. There is also support for CalMAN’s professional calibration.

For the time being nothing is known about the price and availability of the ZF9-series LCD LED TVs.