Sony launches new Sony XE300 and XE200 portable speakers

Sony launches new Sony XE300 and XE200 portable speakers which will be available from July 2022 for €200 and €150 respectively.

The Sony XE300 and XE200 loudspeakers have an X-Balanced Speaker Unit and two passive radiators. Thanks to Sony’s Line-Shape Diffuser technology, the sound is spread evenly and should be heard throughout the room. To get the most out of the Line-Shape Diffuser, it is recommended to place the speakers vertically. Place the speakers horizontally to enjoy the stereo sound playback with the Sony Music Center app.

Both speakers are designed with portability in mind. The XE200 has a strap with which the speaker can always be kept at hand to play songs at the touch of a button. Thanks to the IP67 rating of both models, they can withstand splash water and dust. The speakers are also resistant to bumps, shocks and scratches that are inevitable with daily use. †

With a fully charged battery, the XE300 provides 24 hours of playback and the XE200 offers 16 hours of playback. In addition, the models have the ‘Quick Charging’ function, which means that 10 minutes of charging provides 70 minutes of playback time. Thanks to the ‘Battery Care’ function, the batteries of the speakers can never be overloaded and the speakers remain in optimal condition for a long time. The feature can be enabled through the Sony Music Center app. The speakers also feature Sony’s microphone sensor technology to detect and analyze ambient noise, helping to conserve battery power when the speakers are used outdoors.

Both models are equipped with the echo cancellation function to make calls. Two people can talk at the same time, according to Sony, without one of the two having to be interrupted. The sound can also be quickly muted using the MIC mute button. The speakers have Party Connect, so that up to 100 compatible wireless speakers can be connected via Bluetooth to synchronize the music. With the ‘stereo link’ function, two speakers can be connected wirelessly.

Prices and availability of Sony XE300 and XE200

The XE300 and XE200 will be available from July 2022 for €200 and €150 respectively.