Sony launches AF9 Master series oled televisions with X1 Ultimate processor

Sony AF9 and ZF9
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Sony today announced a new premium series oled TVs, the so-called Master AF9 series. These OLED TVs come in a 55-inch and a 65-inch format and feature the latest X1 Ultimate processor to ensure optimum image quality.

Sony AF9 Master series oled TVs

The AF9 models are again two new oled TVs in the range of Sony. The Japanese manufacturer had already presented the AF8 series earlier this year. The new models must once again be a step ahead in the field of image quality, especially through the new X1 Ultimate processor. It has functions such as Object Based HDR Remaster, Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR, Dual database processing and Object Based Super Resolution, with which images are analyzed and optimized. In addition, Sony has added a new ‘panel controller’ and there is the new Pixel Contrast Booster mode which increases the dynamic range and color range.

Sony has also worked with Netflix again. This has resulted in the Netflix Calibrated Mode, with which both parties guarantee the image quality as intended by the producer. There is also CalMAN’s professional calibration support. In the field of software we see Android TV back, including built-in Chromecast support.

In terms of further specifications we get everything that nowadays needs to be on a premium TV, including the 4K resolution and of course HDR reproduction in the form of HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. The new AF9-series televisions have, just like their predecessors, speakers placed behind the glass plate (the Acoustic Surface Audio + technology), but this time with an extra center speaker in the middle behind the screen. Also new is the possibility to now use the entire TV as center speaker in a surround system. We still find the subwoofer in the foot, behind the screen. Sony has not changed much in terms of design; the TVs are minimalist in design, come with a slim aluminum edge and have a foot behind the screen. The connections are also included in the foot.

Nothing has yet been published about the prices of the AF9-series OLED TVs.