Sony introduces modular ‘Crystal-LED’ Micro-LED displays

Sony Crystal-LED Micro-LED: Sony is going to launch new 'Crystal LED' C-series and B-series that will use Micro-LED tecnology
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Japanese brand Sony is about to launch a new technology  based television screens and this time the company come up with Sony Crystal-LED Micro-LED.

Sony Crystal-LED Micro-LED

The new ‘Crystal LED’ C-series and B-series from Sony use the microled technique, where tiny LEDs are pixels at the same time. This technique makes background lighting and the use of filters superfluous. A higher brightness can be achieved here. Thanks to a modular set-up, the devices from Sony can be set up in different sizes and come with an almost invisible screen edge.

The Crystal LED screens from Sony offer a brightness of 1,800 nits and a contrast of 1,000,000: 1, according to the company itself. Various techniques that we know from the company’s consumer televisions have also been added, including the X1 processor, MotionFlow and ’22-bit Super Bit Mapping ‘. HDR is of course present, as is 120fps (HFR) and even 3D playback.

The C and B series are mainly intended for commercial purposes, or consumers with very deep pockets. The B series offers modules with a 384 x 216 pixel resolution (1.56mm pixel pitch), while the C series offers a resolution of 480 x 270 per module at a pixel pitch of 1.26mm. The total resolution therefore depends on the number of modules used.

Sony’s Micro-LED televisions should appear on the market this summer. Prices have not yet been announced but, depending on the size, there is a good chance that the 100,000 euros will be tapped.