Sony brings Zoom for TV app to Bravia TVs

Sony brings Zoom for TV app to Bravia TVs. What is in it for us?

Users of a Sony Bravia TV will soon be able to video conferencing on their TV. The Japanese manufacturer releases the Zoom for TV app for its Bravia televisions.

You need a Bravia television that supports Sony’s Bravia CAM camera to use the Zoom for TV app. This costs 200 euros separately and can be connected to the television. Owners of a high-end Z9K series or A95K series Bravia television already have such a camera, which comes standard with the television.

When the Bravia CAM is used, the television adjusts the screen’s brightness during video calls. The viewer’s position is also considered, and you can operate the Zoom app using hand gestures. Sony indicates that the app will be available at the summer’s beginning.