Sony brings 360 Reality Audio to video and new speakers

Sony announced recently that it is targeting to bring 360 Reality Audio to video and to new upcoming Sony speakers.
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Sony brings 360 Reality Audio to video : It’s been two years since Sony officially announced the 360 ​​Reality Audio platform with the question “What if you could experience sound as if you were right in the middle of it?” It’s not another name for surround. The music not only comes from different channels around you, but actually also from completely different spatial positions. So also for example from the height. Moreover, those positions can change during the music. Read more about it Sony 360 Reality Audio format.

360 Reality Audio to video and new speakers

Sony is now also bringing audio technology to video. For this, the company works together with various music labels and service providers, according to one press release. Streaming video content with this audio format should be released later this year, but the first preview will be shown next week in the form of a live performance by Zara Larsson. The performance will be streamed live via the Sony Artist Connection app.

In addition, Sony will release two 360 Reality Audio compatible speakers this spring: the SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000. Not many details have yet been shared about the speakers, but there is at least support for voice control, in the form of Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Finally, Sony has developed a new 3D audio plugin called 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite. This is compatible with DAWs such as Pro Tools.