Sony brings 12 PlayStation 2 games to PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now
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Sony has announced that twelve PlayStation 2 games are coming to the PlayStation Now game streaming service. This is the first wave of PS2 titles for the popular subscription. Unfortunately, it is not yet the blockbusters that you would expect, but they are not bad games either.

PS2 games to PlayStation Now

The PlayStation Now service has so far had little nostalgic value, unless you’re of course grew up with the PlayStation 3 and now have a PlayStation 4. That is pretty sad, since Sony with the PS1 and PS2 has access to a large library of games. This month there is a change, since Sony announced that twelve PS2 games to the game streaming service. It is not the blockbusters you might have hoped for, but they are well known and good games.

You can expect Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2 and Hot Shots Tennis. In addition, it is not simply rereleases and you can play the games in high definition and trophies. Microsoft is causing a furore with Xbox Game Pass and backward compatibility on Xbox One, so Sony is well advised to follow Microsoft on that path. Although the PlayStation 4 is the most popular game console at the moment, Microsoft does a lot of good with its Xbox line. Recently Sony also reduced the price of the PlayStation Now subscription.