Sony Bravia Core: streaming service exclusively for Bravia XR televisions

Sony Bravia Core announced - Sony, during CES 2021 announced its new technology based model that is equipped with IMAX content and content in 4K and HDR.
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Sony new technology based model announced: Sony today during the virtual edition of CES 2021 TV line-up for 2021 announced. We already know various new top models, equipped with the latest techniques and standards during this exhibition. However, Sony also presents something new in the field of services. The Japanese manufacturer comes with Sony Bravia Core.

Sony Bravia Core

Sony, along with its new televisions, is introducing Bravia Core, a platform that allows users to access premium content from the Sony Pictures Entertainment film studio. This includes IMAX content and content in 4K and HDR.

Via Sony Bravia Core you get access to the latest box office films, after they appear in the cinema. For this you will receive a number of credits based on the television you have purchased. Buyers of A90J Series and Z9J Series will receive 10 credits. With the other models you get 5 credits.

You can stream unlimited from Sony Pictures Entertainment’s library, which includes hundreds of movies. This is allowed for 24 months if you buy an A90J or Z9J television, or for 12 months if you buy one of the other XR models.

The movies in the Bravia Core library are available in 4K HDR and IMAX, and can use a very high bitrate. The service offers up to 80Mbps, which is at the level of or higher than a UHD Blu-ray.

Finally, Sony indicates that the service is also ready for the future, and that additional features may be introduced. Whether the service will also come to older televisions is not yet known.