Sonus Faber Duetto

launching Sonus Faber Duetto - The prestigious Italian speaker system manufacturer Sonus Faber has just announced the market launch of a new wireless stereophonic audio equipment based on “connected” speakers, the Duetto

The prestigious Italian speaker system manufacturer Sonus Faber has just announced the market launch of a new wireless stereophonic audio equipment based on “connected” speakers, the Duetto, which, as could not be otherwise in the transalpine firm, It combines aesthetic distinction, quality of materials, musicality, connectivity and ease of use. In line with the philosophy of the Arcugnano company, which prioritizes obtaining the most natural sound possible through noble materials, the enclosure used in the two speakers that make up the Duetto fuses the iconic lute shape of the Italian brand with elements New, case of a custom-made heat sink that provides rigidity and musicality, avoiding internal resonances. Added to this is a SENSO user interface on the top panel, which allows the user to control and configure parameters such as volume level, input selection, and connections. In the words of Livio Cucuzza, Head of Design of the legendary Italian brand, “The intention behind our expansion into the category of wireless audio systems based on connected active speakers is to provide our customers with the genuine sound quality they know so well. and so much love in a single, versatile set.

The Duetto is an authentic Sonus Faber stereo system that combines 40 years of experience in premium speakers, Italian aesthetics and materials, and modern streaming technology and functionalities.” As far as the acoustic part is concerned, the Duetto is a 2-way set with an 18 mm tweeter and a 133 mm “mid-woofer” created from scratch by the Sonus Faber R&D team. Among its most significant features, in the case of the tweeter, we should point out the use of a silk dome with a copper cover intended to emphasize the lower frequencies while maintaining the softness and cleanliness of the higher notes. Added to this is an annular waveguide that increases the response outside the axis of symmetry and expands the spatial presentation of the sound. For its part, the mid/bass speaker with a paper pulp cone mounts a peripheral suspension and a neodymium magnet, to obtain an extraordinarily deep bass response, the entire assembly being supported by a new Organic Housing. the generation that prevents resonances and facilitates air movement.

Two dedicated amplifiers are responsible for driving the two transducers described, specifically one of 100 W in Class AB for the tweeter and one of 250 W in Class D for the “mid-woofer,” while their “harmonization” is entrusted to an elaborate DSP-managed crossover filter. Moving on to connectivity, it must be emphasized first of all that the customization of the Duetto’s operation is carried out, like that of the Omnia, via the Sonus Faber app. The user can easily connect the set to a television via optical and HDMI digital inputs (ARC/eARC compatible), as well as a turntable via integrated MM phono input and even a subwoofer, all components that are automatically recognized by the configuration system. Finally, the Duetto includes support for Wi-Fi, AirPlay, Bluetooth, Chromecast, Spotify, TIDAL, and Roon Ready, carrying out the connection between the two speakers that constitute it (optional floor stands are available for them). UWB (“Ultra Wide Band”) technology, which avoids latency times and maximizes bandwidth and speed.

Technical characteristics

  • BASS-REFLEX Active 2-way/2 speakers system with network connectivity.
  • Tweeter with 18 mm silk dome and neodymium magnet.
  • Media/serious speaker with 133 mm paper pulp cone.
  • Total internal amplification power of 350 W RMS for each enclosure.
  • Audiophile degree D/A Converters.
  • Large enclosure with curved panels.
  • Bass-Reflex of subsequent emission.
  • Possibility of connection of the set with or without cable.
  • Streaming via Chromecast, airplay, and built-in Bluetooth.
  • Analog line/phono mm input.
  • Optical and HDMI Digital Inputs ARC/EARC.
  • Departure for subwoofer.
  • System management via DSP.
  • Homologated Roon Ready.
  • Dedicated standing support is available.
  • Control and customization via Sonus Faber app.
  • Frequency response of 37-30,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 210x342x272 mm (an x to x p).
  • Weight: 6’8 kg.