Sonos works on Sonos Playbar with voice assistant Alexa and HDMI input

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If we can believe the rumors, Sonos is currently working on a new version of the Sonos Playbar. This broad soundbar will feature voice assistant Alexa, from Amazon, and an extra hdmi input. The current edition leans on an optical connection.

Sonos Playbar with Alexa and hdmi input – rumor

In the FCC the American communication watchdog, a new product from Sonos has surfaced. The company may be working on a new version of the Sonos Playbar one with support for hdmi and voice assistant Amazon Alexa. That reports Variety. The current model of the Playbar leans on an optical connection. The reason that Alexa may be on board is due to the fact that a microphone has been spotted in the documents. In addition, Sonos has already introduced a speaker with Alexa support to the market: the Sonos One.

However, there are still some doubts whether it is a Sonos Playbar or not. The document in which the product is described also contains an image of a rectangular device, so that the idea also exists that it is a new device. It could also just be a new version of the Playbase; but since that speaker has not been introduced to the market so long ago, it is strange that a new version would appear. Sonos has not responded to the rumor.