Sonos spoke with Apple about Siri integration in speakers

The director of Sonos, Patrick Spence, says in an interview that the company has talked to Apple about Siri integration. The companies have a good relationship with each other and will probably speak more often about this subject in the future. A decision has not yet been made.

Sonos and Siri

Sonos speakers already work with voice assistant Amazon Alexa and will receive an update in the future that supports the Google Assistant. But what about Siri? Despite the fact that no decision has yet been taken, both companies, which have a good relationship with each other, have already discussed this. And they will undoubtedly do this more often in the future, says the director of the speaker brand, Patrick Spence, in an interview with the editorial staff of The Verge.

I think, at this point, Apple needs to decide if they’re going to be opening Siri to third parties, but we have a good relationship with Apple, and we’ve had some conversations on this and look forward to having more.

The idea that Apple is so different companies gives a lot of access to voting assistant Siri seems absurd for the time being, especially since it has not yet occurred. But it is not entirely excluded, looking at the freedom that the manufacturer gets with Apple Music, which can be used from within the Sonos app. Currently you can only use Siri on Apple’s Apple HomePod speaker.