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Sonos Joins CSA, But Doesn’t Promise About Matter

Sonos Joins CSA, But Doesn't Promise About Matter. Sonos has joined the alliance behind the new Matter smart home standard.

Sonos has joined the alliance behind the new Matter smart home standard. This has been announced by the Connectivity Standards Alliance via Twitter. The new smart home standard aims to achieve interoperability in the smart home market, i.e. to allow virtually all smart home products to work together, regardless of manufacturer or current platform. Major companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, IKEA and many others are behind the new smart home standard. So Sonos has now joined this new alliance, but strangely enough, it doesn’t say anything about supporting the standard.

In an interview with website The Verge let Sonos know that the company is always open to giving consumers the choice. The company wants to ensure seamless integration with other smart home products. However, the company does not make any real commitments. The possible collaboration is still at an early stage and Sonos wants to further investigate what Matter could possibly do.

Sonos Joins CSA but Matter keeps getting postponed

Things are not going smoothly for the new smart home standard Matter that has to connect ‘everything with everything’. No more restrictive platforms, but real collaboration between different products. The standard has been lately continuously postponed. A launch should now take place in the fall of 2022. Sonos’ new move to join the alliance, but not making any further promises about Matter’s support, won’t help either.