Sonos is working on premium Optimo 2 speaker with Dolby Atmos

Sonos is working on premium Optimo 2 speaker with Dolby Atmos. This exciting news has been emerged from renowned source, The Verge.

Sonos is working on premium Optimo 2 speaker with Dolby Atmos: Recently there was a message that Sonos is coming with the Sub Mini, a small version of the well-known Sonos Sub. However, it seems that Sonos still has many interesting products in the pipeline. According to The Verge the American company comes with the Optimo line-up speakers, equipped with Dolby Atmos.

Optimo should be released together with a major software update for the audio platform and the flagship model is currently under the name Optimo 2. This speaker will be the successor of the Sonos Five and should be the best sounding speaker in the range. The Optimo 2 would have a separate design – as shown in the render – with the focus on Dolby Atmos. A large number of drivers, including upward-firing drivers, must provide a Dolby Atmos effect.

In addition, the Optimo 2 speaker would be equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and a USB-C connection, where current models have to make do with only WiFi or WiFi and a 3.5mm port. The speaker would also be equipped with automatic room calibration and built-in microphones. In addition to the Optimo 2, Sonos would like to release the Optimo 1 and Optimo 1 SL, but little is known about these models. So far, however, SL stands for a version without microphones.

When the Optimo speakers will be launched exactly and what the pricing will be is still unclear. However, people at The Verge think they know that Sonos is simultaneously rolling out a major software update for its platform that unlocks many new possibilities.