Sonos and Ikea present Symfonisk – A taste of smart speaker line

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Sonos and Ikea present Symfonisk. Sonos and Ikea have given a preview of the upcoming smart speaker line. Since prototypes are still involved here, you can count on the final design to look different.

Sonos and Ikea present Symfonisk

The cooperation between Ikea and Sonos which was announced in December is now paying off its first fruits in the form of smart speakers. The non-working prototypes were this week at Ikea’s Democratic Design Days event in Sweden and show what we can expect from the upcoming Symfonisk speaker line. Since these are prototypes, you can assume that the final design will be adjusted. Fortunately, news has already been confirmed by Ikea.

The Symfonisk line will be able to communicate with the existing Wi-Fi speakers from Sonos, as well as the Home Smart line within the Trådfris series full of smart devices, such as light switches and lamps. . Furthermore, the speakers can be hung directly on a wall or under a sink. Although nothing else has been announced about the price and release date, Ikea has already announced that this should be affordable speakers. The wait is now for more information; when it comes, it is unfortunately unknown.