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Sonos headphones: Design spotted in patent application

Sonos is working on premium headphones with noise canceling on board. This is revealed by patent application submitted for Sonos headphones.

If we are to believe the rumors, Sonos is working on premium headphones with noise canceling on board. Now the German patent office may have more news for us, as an application has surfaced there, which includes some images. This is probably the first glimpse of the device. The application was made in December and published in January.

Sonos headphones on the way?

Earlier, the headphones already surfaced in the US patent office. Then images were also shared. There are some differences between that application and this one. For example, the Sonos logo is now visible on the ear cup and the small bar between the band and the shell goes directly into that shell. The soft ear cushion has also been made larger. At the time of writing, it is not clear which design is leading.

Furthermore, nothing at all has been announced about the headphones, which will probably be as expensive as the premium offer from Sony and Bose. It is expected that there will be some sort of seamless transition when you want to switch from your smartphone to your Sonos system (or vice versa). These are things that are necessary if the company wants people to invest in a headset that, at first glance, does not handle many things in a different way.

Finally, a special adapter has been spotted in the patent application at the German patent office. In some cases, high-end headphone makers offer replaceable ear pads, and it looks like you’re using that adapter for that. Furthermore, we see a USB-C port, an audio connection and various buttons on the drawings.

Sonos CEO Patrick Spence confirmed last week that the company will be launching its next product in March. It is not clear exactly which product is involved. It could also be that we see more of the more compact bluetooth speaker which came to light earlier. So it remains to be seen what it will be.

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