Sonos budget soundbar for $249: Sonos S36 launched

Sonos budget soundbar for $249: Sonos S36 launched. As It is a budget soundbar, so Sonos has had to delete certain options.

It has yet to be officially announced, but The Verge already has 3D images of it: the new budget soundbar from Sonos. The device costs only 249 dollars (230 euros) and it would appear on June 7th.

The new budget soundbar from Sonos now has the working name Fury, but the official title will soon be Sonos S36. It is a much cheaper soundbar than we have seen from the Scandinavian brand so far. The other soundbars are Sonos Beam (499 euros) and Sonos Arc (999 euros). Sonos does have a collaboration with Ikea for smaller budgets, but so far no soundbar has come from that collaboration: only a lamp, a picture frame and a bookshelf, all three of which are equipped with audio.

Sonos S36

A journalist from TheVerge saw the soundbar and a 3D image was created on the basis of it. This is not completely accurate, but it does give a good idea of ​​what you can expect from the device. It is elongated, has rounded sides and the entire front is a loudspeaker with the logo of . in the middle Sonos

In any case, it is a fairly small device: it is 550mm wide x 69mm deep x 100mm high. Compared to the Beam 2nd generation, it is slightly narrower, because it is 651mm wide x 68.6mm deep and 100mm high. In terms of height, the two devices are the same, which is useful given the dimensions of some television cabinets that the gadget is placed on or in.

Sonos budget soundbar

It is a budget soundbar, so Sonos has had to delete certain options. Think of Dolby Atmos and a voice assistant. Sonos S36 would also not be equipped with an HDMI port. However, if you own other speakers from Sonos, you can still turn them into a 5.1 system. Sonos even takes into account that you will use this soundbar in combination with other Sonos products, because there is even a possibility to mount the device on the wall, so that you can use it in combination with Arc for surround sound† Even vertical is possible.

Sonos S36 will be released on June 7, but all this has yet to be made official by the brand itself. It would come out in black and white.