Sonos Android app launched that is a bit faster

Sonos Android app - Sonos has announced that the company has released another beta update to the Android application which make the system bit faster
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Sonos Android app launched- Sonos has announced that the company has released another beta update to the Android application, which will also be coming to iOS later. The update ensures, among other things, that you have faster access to your music.

Sonos once again launches beta update for Android

The current update adds a number of things. For example, it is now easier to take your music around the house, because the app allows you to switch rooms faster. Sonos also makes better use of the large screen of the tablet and has ensured that you get to see your information quickly and clearly. In addition, it is easier for both smartphone and tablet users to switch between the different screens with simple swipes and the Crossfade option is more prominent.

If you are in possession of Sonos hardware, then you have undoubtedly also downloaded the Sonos app for your smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether you are running Android or iOS. Just like almost three months ago, Sonos is releasing a new update to that application today, but only for those with an Android device. The update is also not available for download from the Google Play Store, but you can find it on the Sonos website instead – behind a login screen , but you no doubt already have an account.

The Sonos app has now been available for smartphones and tablets since spring, and between then and now the manufacturer has been able to gather a lot of feedback from its users. The fact that you can now search your music from one place, for example, is an example of this. But Sonos has also heard things that the company did less well: for example, the tablet app did not make good use of the usually much larger screen and it was suddenly not possible to see how long the song had been playing and how long it would last. .

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