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Sonic the Hedgehog animated series is coming to Netflix in 2022

Recently many game-based TV series have been announced and now it is confirmed that Sonic the Hedgehog animated series is coming to Netflix in 2022.
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Sonic the Hedgehog series is coming to Netflix

That Sonic the Hedgehog, once the arch-rival of Nintendo’s Super Mario, is getting its own animated series on Netflix, was shown by a (now deleted) tweet from Netflix’s NX Twitter account. The new series will appear on the video streaming service in 2022 and of course has the super-fast blue hedgehog of the Japanese Sega in the lead role. Sega is a publisher and developer of many video games, including the popular Yakuza.

The animated series is being produced by Sega, in collaboration with WildBrain and Man of Action Entertainment. WildBrain is a production company that specializes in producing children’s television series and Man of Action is too. The latter is responsible for titles such as Ben 10 and Disney’s Big Hero 6 television series. So it looks like the series is aimed at children, but perhaps gamers from the first hour can also enjoy it. Of course while you watch your children or younger nieces or nephews.

Unfortunately, nothing has been announced about the animated series at the time of writing. However, a teaser image has been released, showing a silhouette of the ‘modern Sonic the Hedgedog’. There are two versions of Sonic: a slimmer and longer version (from the modern 3d games) and a short, slightly thicker version (from the popular 2d games on the Sega Megadrive and the fantastic Sonic Mania). In addition, this does not seem to be a continuation of the Sonic Boom television series, as Sonic and his friends there have a different design.

Meanwhile, Netflix is ​​working on other television series based on game characters and game series, including Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Resident Evil. In addition, you can watch the anime series about Castlevania exclusively on Netflix for a while. HBO Max meanwhile is working on a series based on The Last of Us.


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