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Smart outdoor camera Netatmo Presence finally on sale

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The smart outdoor camera Netatmo Presence is finally on sale. The camera has a suggested retail price of 299.99 euros.

We had to wait a while , but finally the new security camera from Netatmo is for sale. Netatmo offers its new camera, which is called Presence and can be hung outside, for an amount of 299.99 euros. With the device you can be sure that you will not miss any movement from now on.

What can Netatmo Presence do?

Netatmo Presence is a brand new outdoor security camera. A handy function that the device has is that the camera detects movement of people, cars and animals. The handy thing about it is that you are immediately notified via your smartphone and you can watch it live by using the accompanying Netatmo Security app. So if there are people within twenty meters of your camera hanging around, it will never go unnoticed again. Another useful feature is that Netatmo can distinguish between people, cars and animals. So he always tells you exactly what he saw.

With Presence from Netatmo it is not noticeable at first that you have a camera. The device also simply has a light, which makes it look like you have an outdoor lamp. In addition, the device also has infrared LED lamps, so you are assured of good images at night. You can also let Presence work together with IFTTT . Saving images is also completely free. This can be done by means of a microSD card or by transferring the images to Dropbox or an FTP server. Netatmo Presence only records when there is actually something to see.

Price and availability

Netatmo Presence is available for purchase immediately via the official website of the makers of the smart camera. The outdoor security camera costs 299.99. Shipping within the Netherlands is free. Earlier, Netatmo already released another camera on the market.

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