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Smart lighting from IKEA: this is what you can expect

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IKEA has announced that the company is expected to start selling smart lighting in the Netherlands from April 2017. The pilot – a first test – has now started in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Italy and Belgium. This is what you can expect from IKEA smart lighting.

Smart lighting from IKEA

Furniture chain IKEA has announced a number of new products that are part of a new collection called Smart Lighting. The collection consists of TRÅDFRI LED lamps with remote control, FLOALT light panels and SURTE and JORMLIEN doors with integrated lighting for BESTÅ storage cabinets and METOD kitchen cabinets. They are ready-to-use solutions, which, according to the company, do not require additional plugs or electricians. Consumers themselves only have to replace the lamps in the house for the aforementioned TRÅDFRI LED lamps.

The technology for dimming or switching between different colors of light is incorporated in the LED lamp itself. The TRÅDFRI LED lamp fits into any standard socket, even those of very old lamps. With the included remote control you can operate ten light sources at the same time. Users can choose from three shades of white: warm, neutral and cold.

Compatibility and apps

For the time being, it does not seem possible to operate the lamps with your smartphone. IKEA does indicate that the lamps communicate via ZigBee, an energy-efficient, open standard that works at 2.4 GHz and is based on the Zigbee standard. Since various other smart lamp manufacturers – including Philips Hue – also use ZigBee , it may be possible in the future that the different lamps can communicate with each other. An app for your smartphone can also be launched in the future.

Our customer surveys show that many people want to adapt the light to what they are doing at that moment. Smart lighting lets you create the light that suits you, in an innovative and simple way.

The Smart Lightning collection is IKEA’s first step into the smart lighting market, but the second for the smart home. The Swedish chain previously introduced a collection for wireless charging of smartphones. IKEA will integrate more technology in the living solution in the future, with the aim of gradually making the house ‘smart’. In the coming years, the store will introduce more Home Smart innovations.

Prices for some countries have not yet been announced.

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