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Smart coffee maker Voltaire recognizes stale beans

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GIR has started a Kickstarter project for Voltaire. The company’s smart coffee maker notices when your coffee beans are getting stale.

Enthusiasts who like to enjoy delicious coffee could become a fan of the smart Voltaire coffee maker in the future. GIR, the company behind the portable coffee maker, has started a Kickstarter project to bring the Voltaire to the market. Should the company achieve $ 100,000, the coffee maker will soon be a fact.

What can the Voltaire coffee maker do?

A smart coffee maker is anything but new in 2016, but the Voltaire has nevertheless received the necessary attention and that is not without reason. The coffee grinder contains sensors that can detect it as soon as the beans in the device become stale. As soon as it is detected, you will receive a notification on your smartphone on tablet. You can also set the Voltaire to order new beans immediately. To achieve this, GIR works together with Amazon, among others.

You can also see in the app, for example, how many cups of coffee you can probably still make with the content in the grinder. In addition, enthusiasts can start creating apps themselves, because the Voltaire API and SDK are released. Furthermore, the Voltaire itself also has a number of noteworthy functions. For example, the device has an LED timer and has its own built-in battery to be able to use it on the go.

Price and availability

If you want to be one of the first to receive the complete Voltaire package, you can opt for an early bird package via Kickstarter. The package costs $ 229, which is around 203 euros, and consists of a Grinder, a Sensing Platform and access to the Voltaire app. The intention is that you will receive the package in March 2017. You can also support the project by, for example, purchasing a mug. At the time of writing, GIR has already raised more than $ 50,000.

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