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Siri can sound animals, vehicles and instruments

As per details, Siri can sound animals, vehicles and instruments. After asking the question, Siri will let you hear what you want to hear.
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Siri can mimic a lot of sounds

Siri can sound animals, vehicles and instruments: Since yesterday is the update iOS 14.3 available, giving Siri new tricks now. The voice assistant can, on command, let you hear how certain sounds from the real world sound. You just have to ask how something sounds. After asking the question, the personal assistant will let you hear what you want to hear. When you ask about it on an iPhone or iPad, you’ll also see information about the topic, which comes directly from Wikipedia. You can also ask for it through the Apple HomePod.

Unfortunately, Apple has not announced exactly how many sounds it concerns. But people who have already installed the update and asked Siri various questions are not yet running into limits. There are of course questions that the assistant does not have an answer to, but this often has to do with the fact that such an animal has no characteristic sound. At the time of writing, these are sounds from three different, broad categories, namely animal sounds, instrument sounds, and sounds that many different vehicles can make.

Remarkably, Siri presents different sounds for different dog breeds. This way you can also further distinguish between different dog breeds. Such a function does not have much practical use, but these are nice things to try out. People with children can also turn it into an educational game, for example. Incidentally, it may be that even after updating to iOS 14.3 Siri does not yet have the functionality: unfortunately there are some contradictory reports about this online. But above all try it out.

It is improtant to remind you that in 2017 emerging technologies in speech generation able to mimic any sound via artificial intelligence AI technology.  It was aimed that Artificial intelligence (AI) personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and the Google Assistant all use text-to-speech software to create a more convenient interface with their users and as a result we found that now Siri can sound animals and other voices.

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