Sharp shows prototype rollable OLED display

Sharp's prototype is comparable to LG's rollable OLED display of its TV. This very slim and flexible model can also be rolled up in a cupboard.

Yes, the Sharp rollable OLED display model is a lot smaller with a size of 30 inches, but the main difference is in the OLED technology used. Sharp does not use an LG display, but a 4K IGZO OLED screen.

Sharp rollable OLED display

Sharp’s roll-up screen uses RGB OLED technology, while LG displays use WRGB OLED technology. The difference is in an extra white sub-pixel that should provide a higher brightness. Theoretically, Sharp’s technique should provide more accurate color reproduction, but compromise clarity. Finally, the OLED screen has the IGZO-EL coating. This is a thin film that offers up to 40 times higher electron mobility than conventional materials, allowing the screen to respond faster and more accurately, while also reducing power consumption.

Currently this screen from Sharp is still a prototype, but it shows what we will see in the future. We may see the screen soon, during CES 2020 in Las Vegas.