Sharp releases 8k TV in Europe for 11.199 euros (LV-70X500E)

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Sharp announces at the IFA Global Press Conference in Rome that his 8k television, the LV-70X500E, is available for purchase in Europe from the end of April, for 11.199 euros. That is a month later than the company had planned first. The TV is already for sale in Japan and China.

This is the Sharp LV-70X500E

Manufacturer Sharp announces that the LV70X500E, a television with an 8k panel, is for sale in Europe before the end of the month will be. The television receives a price tag of 11.199 euros. The screen is 70-inch in size and features a resolution of 7,680 by 4,320 pixels, with high contrast. The maximum brightness is 1000 nits, there is support for high dynamic range (with HLG) and upscaling of content. At the moment there is barely 8k-content (let alone 4k-content), but that is still possible using the high resolution.

On board is a 2.1-speaker system of 35 watts, as well as support for digital surround sound. There are four HDMI ports available. There are also USB ports, with which you can display photos in 8k and videos in 4k. There are also various internet options available. The question with this kind of products is always when you need such screens, not least because of the lack of good content. It is also often said that the difference between 4k and 8k is almost invisible to viewers.