Sharp launches 4K Ultra HD TVs in large screen sizes

4K Ultra HD TV
Sharp launches 4K Ultra HD TV models with large screens this week. The company adds two new formats with the screen dimensions of 60-inch and 70-inch.
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Sharp launches 4K Ultra HD TV models with large screens this week. The company adds two new formats to the portfolio with the screen dimensions of 60-inch and 70-inch. The sleek TVs come with a Harman Kardon sound system.

Sharp LC-70UI9362E and LC-70UI7652E

The LC-70UI9362E and LC-70UI7652E are the largest 4K Ultra HD smart TVs with a diagonal screen size of 178 cm. Sharp offers to the European consumer. The LC-70UI9362E features Edge led backlighting, which forms one line around the screen. In this way, the light is evenly distributed over the screen. The result is a slim screen of 9.2 mm. On the other hand, the other model, LC-70UI7652E, has Direct LED lighting. LEDs directly behind the screen form a matrix at equal intervals that shines directly on the LCD crystals. This makes local dimming possible. The LEDs are individually controlled to dynamically regulate the level of light intensity in a certain part of the screen.

Both 70-inch models, LC-70UI7652E and LC-70UI9362E, are available from October 2018, for respectively 1,499 euros and 1,799

Sharp launches 4K Ultra HD TV- LC-60UI9362E and LC-60UI7652E

Also for the ‘smaller’ models, consumers can choose between Edge LED and Direct LED: the LC-60UI9362E and LC-60UI7652E. The specifications further correspond to the larger variants. These two models are also available from October, for 899 euros and 1,099 euros respectively.

All models come with an integrated upscaling function that ensures that HD quality is converted into 4K resolution. All models support smart TV with a number of pre-installed apps. Mobile Android devices can be connected wirelessly. A built-in triple tuner can receive programs via cable (DVB-C), satellite (DVB-S/S2) or antenna (DVB-T/T2HD).

Another feature of all four models is the Harman Kardon sound system. The sidefiring tweeters must create a cinematic audio experience. In addition, Dolby Digital and Dolby+ are supported. The facilities also have an integrated CI+ port; three HDMI inputs for various external devices; two inputs for USB, with which 2160p @ 60Hz signals can be received, DVB-T2 HD (video codec H.265/HEVC, MPEG4 compatible) and an SD card reader with support for 4K content. The built-in HDR+ technology provides better contrast and higher brightness compared to traditional TV sets.