Sharp announces second generation 8K Ultra HD TVs

Sharp 8K Ultra HD TV
Sharp launches 2nd generation 8K TVs: Sharp has now developed a second generation. The new series comes in three variants.
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Sharp released its first 8K television earlier this year; a 70-inch model that we have already tested. Now, Sharp launches 2nd generation 8K TVs. The company has now developed a second generation. The new series comes in three variants.

Sharp launches 2nd generation 8K TVs

Sharp launches three new 80-inch, 70-inch and 80-inch 8-inch models. The second generation will be available in Europe from the beginning of 2019; on the Asian market that is a little earlier.

The new models have a sixteen times higher resolution than full HD, which is called 8K Ultra HD. The screens consist of 33 megapixels, which enables very sharp images with many details.

For the new televisions, Sharp has improved the 8K image processor. This can upgrade images from 4K UHD and 2K full HD to 8K quality. The unique detection algorithm defines the number of pixels and then scales them to the pixel grid of the 8K models. The image processor processes real-time large amounts of data with a double processing speed of 100Hz. According to the Japanese manufacturer, this should ensure smooth moving images without the so-called “ghosting effect.”

With the second generation 8K televisions, Sharp, according to his own words, “realistic image” is on a higher level. The flagship, the 80-inch version, is equipped with the newly developed UV2A II LCD panel. This panel works with efficient light transmission, which in turn has to provide higher brightness and more intense colors.

Unfortunately, Sharp can not tell you anything about the exact specifications, prices or launch dates. According to the manufacturer, the 80-inch model will soon be available in Europe.