Sennheiser launches RS 120-W wireless on-ear headphones

Sennheiser launches RS 120-W wireless on-ear headphones. The Sennheiser RS ​​120-W is available in EMEA on August 16.

Depending on the type of entertainment, you can choose between the sound modes ‘Speech’, ‘Music’ and ‘Neutral’ to tailor the sound image to your requirements. To ensure detailed, balanced and undistorted sound, the RS 120-W uses LE audio, which enables audio streaming via Bluetooth Low Energy transmission technology. LE audio includes a new LC3 audio codec and also reduces latency.

The design of the RS 120-W should also make operation more intuitive. For example, you can now adjust the volume independently of the TV via the controls on the earcup of the headphones. The on-ear design with lightweight ear cushions and a soft headband pressure contributes to the wearing comfort of the RS 120-W, making long listening sessions comfortable.

The RS 120-W has a battery life of up to 20 hours and a range of 60 meters. The included transmitter serves as a charging station and transmission center in one. In addition, the new ​’Broadcast Mode’ feature can pair the transmitter with multiple sets of headphones, allowing multiple people to watch a movie at the same time. Those who prefer it a little louder can increase the volume up to 100 dB, without negative impact on their surroundings.

Price and availability

The Sennheiser RS ​​120-W is available in EMEA on August 16 , and for sale on August 30 with a suggested retail price of $129.90.