Sennheiser launched in-ears Sennheiser IE 100 Pro & IE 100 Pro Wireless

Sennheiser IE 100 Pro and Sennheiser IE 100 Pro Wireless, In-ear headphones by Sennheiser for the price of 99 euros and the wireless variant 149 euros.
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The Sennheiser IE 100 Pro are the successor to the IE 40 Pro. They should provide a natural, warm and finely tunable monitoring sound. The included silicone and memory foam earplugs should adapt completely to your ear canal and provide optimal comfort. The break-proof connector must ensure that the cable does not come loose during the performance.

Perform and listen with the IE 100 Pro Wireless

Are you not so into performing yourself, but do you just want to listen to music yourself? If you opt for the IE 100 Pro Wireless, you can also connect the supplied bluetooth connector and unplug the standard cable. Now you can simply enjoy music yourself with the bluetooth connection. You can fully charge these earplugs within an hour and a half via USB-C.

The new series of in-ears are equipped with the same connector type and smart internal cable channel as with the much more expensive IE 400 Pro and the IE 500 Pro. They inherit the transducer and frequency response from the predecessor IE 40 Pro.

“By working with a single connector platform, users can now simply choose their favorite cable, regardless of the model they own,” says Gunnar Dirks. “For example, people with an IE 500 PRO can now also purchase an IE PRO BT Connector to enjoy wireless music with their professional in-ears. Moreover, we now also offer a new broadcast solution with the IE PRO Mono Cable. ”

Price and availability

In terms of price, the Sennheiser IE 100 Pro and IE 100 Pro Wireless are in a cheaper segment than the Sennheiser IE 400 Pro and IE 500 Pro. Where those models quickly cost more than 300 euros, the IE 100 Pro costs 99 euros and the wireless variant 149 euros. They are available in transparent, red and black. The latter comes with the bluetooth connector to simply listen to your favorite music wirelessly.