Sendy Audio Peacock headphone launched

Sendy Audio Peacock launched: Sendy Audio is a famous company for its music instrument and recently they launched a beautiful model of Peacock.

The Sendy Audio company, distributed by the Barcelona company Keydis, has the company’s flagship headphone in its Sendy Audio Peacock model.

Sendy Audio Peacock

Sendy Audio Peacock hi-fi headphones have an open circumaural design with planomagnetic transducers. They have an exquisite design, high quality materials and a complex and refined craftsmanship that is especially appreciated in its headband, made like its pads with soft goatskin, designed for comfortable use and without pressure on the head.

They feature an 88mm large-diaphragm transducer and high-efficiency electro-acoustic energy conversion that deliver amazing bass. The diaphragm is made of ultra-thin, high-rigidity composite material that ensures its high frequencies are bright and transparent without any harshness (extending up to 40 kHz).

Sendy Audio Peacock

We will review its sound and compatibility with various headphone amplifiers.