Sega announces Sonic Team Racing for the PS4

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It’s been a long time since we saw a Sonic racer, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed came out in November 2012. Now almost six years later, they announce the next part and it looks like first face has changed a lot.

First of all, the game was of course raised to a much higher level and the tracks and characters have a lot of detail. The game contains 15 playable characters divided over three types of racers. You can customize your car in different ways and share any power-ups with team members.

There is a multiplayer mode both online and offline and this can take up to 12 players per race. Split-screen is also available and can be done with a maximum of four players. The game also includes a Grand prix mode, exhibition mode, time trial and team adventure mode.

We even played the game before the announcement at the invitation of Sega and can already tell you that this was extremely entertaining. You can also read our hands-on on the website soon. The game is scheduled for release in the winter, when exactly one has yet to announce.