Search by lyrics with Spotify : Spotify new service

Search by lyrics with Spotify : The music streaming service Spotify let you search a song with lyrics in your heard anywhere in the song.
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Sometimes you have lyrics in your head and you don’t know which song goes with it. The music streaming service Spotify can now help you with this. Now you can Search by lyrics with Spotify.

Search by lyrics with Spotify

You know it: you are at work or walking down the street and you suddenly realize that you have had a certain text in your head for a while. It’s from a song you heard somewhere – but you don’t remember where – and you really don’t remember which song the lyrics belong to. Then you can of course google that text, but from now on you can also throw it in the Spotify search engine and see what comes out. The music streaming service has implemented an update that ensures that you can also find songs based on lyrics.

The new feature works pretty straightforward, straight forward. You simply type the lyrics in the Spotify search bar and the music streaming service gives you an overview of music that contains those words. When a certain song has matching lyrics, such a search result is provided with a special tag. In the English version there is the tag Lyrics match. You can see that clearly in the tweet below from a designer at the company.

This is a useful feature for people who cannot remember titles, but can remember complete lyrics. Of course, nothing stands in the way of using Google or another search engine; but with this extra functionality, Spotify also ensures that you don’t have to leave the app if you can’t find something.