After ‘Wall’ Now Samsung bringing ‘Window’ Transparent TV

Samsung Window TV
Samsung bringing 'Window' Transparent TV: Samsung has registered the 'The Window' brand and this refers to a transparent television.
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Samsung bringing ‘Window’ Transparent TV- Samsung has registered the ‘The Window’ brand and according to BusinessKorea sources this refers to a transparent television to be shown at CES 2019 in January.

CES 2019 will start in Las Vegas at the beginning of January, and like any other This year, this fair is used to show the latest developments in the field of TV. We have been seeing prototypes that use innovative techniques, including transparent screens, for years now.

Samsung now seems to look further than just a prototype. According to the Business Korea, Samsung bringing Window Transparent TV. The Korean manufacturer is working on a transparent television that needs to be added to the line-up. The model should be given the name ‘The Window’ and be completely transparent when it is switched off. Whether the screen uses the LCD or OLED technology is not yet clear. Chances are that it is all about OLED technology because it can also show an image in dark rooms. The LCD technique uses the light in the environment as backlight, while the OLED technique consists of pixels that give light themselves.

In addition, Samsung would show various improvements of current techniques during CES. The manufacturer has also registered the terms ‘Q Wide View’ and ‘Q Wide Angle’. Both terms refer to televisions of the company, which may be provided with even wider viewing angles next year.

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