Samsung will use OLED panels from LG Display

It is revealed that Samsung will use OLED panels from LG Display. This is according to Reuters.

According to Reuters LG Display will start delivering OLED panels to Samsung this quarter. The agreement states that LG Display will deliver two million panels in 2023. In subsequent years, it will be three to five million OLED panels per year. In principle, these are high-end screens in a somewhat larger format than average. Samsung would like to start with 77-inch and 83-inch in addition to its own QD-OLED panels. In 2017, Samsung also took lcd panels from LG Display.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that LG Display was in talks with ‘a new customer’. According to Reuters, that is indeed Samsung. However, the deal has not been officially announced yet. Both LG Display and Samsung refuse to respond at this time. For LG Display, it’s probably a good deal, as the company hasn’t been running at full capacity for a long time. Inflation, an economy that is slowly coming to a standstill and the after-effects of Corona mean that there is less demand for new televisions. The deal should boost production by 20 to 30 percent, experts expect. That was badly needed, because the company has been in the red for the past four quarters.

Deal announced soon

It will probably be announced soon that LG Display and Samsung have closed the deal. Then we will also find out more details about the deal.