Samsung will release television based on microled this year

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At the beginning of this year Samsung showed during CES 2018 the The Wall television. This model, with a 146-inch format, is based on the micro-led technology. In the discussion of the quarterly figures, Samsung now announces that we can expect a television based on microled on the market this year.

Samsung has published and discussed its most recent quarterly figures this week. The South Korean manufacturer announces that it wants to strengthen its leadership in the premium TV market by releasing innovative products such as microled televisions. Such a microled television was shown to the public last January at CES 2018, even though it was in a 146-inch format.

The micro-led technology uses tiny LEDs that are individual pixels and do not need backlighting. The screen consists of different LED modules and can therefore be made in almost any size and in almost any aspect ratio. The big advantage of microled is that the contrast and brightness are higher than with LCD and OLED. read more about the microled technology.

It is not clear whether Samsung will actually bring a 146-inch version of The Wall to the market. It may also be a smaller version since a image of a 75-inch version appeared a few weeks ago. The expectation is that we will see and hear more from the Korean manufacturer at IFA 2018.