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Samsung unveils The Frame design concept – What is it?

Samsung unveils The Frame design concept - What is it? This article will explain it shortly for you to understand the concept and working of the TV
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Samsung The Frame design concept – Samsung released more details about the artful – and designed by Yves Béhar – TV concept The Frame in Paris this week.

Samsung officially launched the QLED TVs announced in January in Paris . The televisions must combine an artistic design with the latest techniques. The big hobbyhorse in the field of design is a new premium TV concept called The Frame.

We now know the new QLED TVs from Samsung, but although Samsung uses the name QLED, it is important to mention that it is not about QLED as we have known it until now. Traditionally, QLED stands for a technology that is based on the same principle as OLED , namely an emissive screen in which each pixel itself emits light, and which uses quantum dot material. With the current information, it seems rather that it is still a technology that is very similar to last year’s Samsung SUHD models, but that uses a new quantum dot material.

The Frame design concept

Samsung focuses on three points in its QLED televisions: image, smart functionality and design.

QLED in three points

In the field of images, quantum dot must provide televisions with improved light efficiency and more stability in addition to a wider color spectrum. The Qled TVs display one hundred percent color volume. Qled provides deeper blacks and the clearest possible contrast. The colors must always remain equally bright in both high and low light in the room. There is also support for HDR, with a brightness of 1500 nits.

For smart functionality, the QLED TVs are equipped with Samsung’s Smart Hub. The Samsung One Remote Control supports all devices that are connected to the TV. In addition, there is voice control for the additional smart functions of the TV. A Smart View App is available for Anroid and iOS smartphones. This allows the Smart Hub to be fully customized.

To prevent a tangle of cables, Samsung introduces the new Invisible Connection cable, to hide your cables inconspicuously and to connect different devices. With the No Gap Wall mount, the television can also be mounted on the wall. Samsung also makes several TV feet available. There is the Studio Stand that looks like an easel and a Gravity Stand that allows you to look at the screen from every angle in the room.

The Frame

Finally, Samsung also released some more information about The Frame, a premium TV concept announced at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. With The Frame, Samsung takes an artistic approach and the brand again teamed up with Swiss designer Yves Béhar. The television has an ‘art mode’, whereby the screen displays a work of art selected by the owner when you switch it off.

The Frame contains over a hundred digital artworks to choose from, with categories such as architecture, landscapes and nature, but you can also add your own photos (see above) and images. To make the device even more personal, the user can also choose from different types and colors of passe-partouts and frames. There is also an optional Studio Stand and support for the aforementioned Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall mount.

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