Samsung ‘The Wall’ is a 146-inch microLED TV

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Samsung is showing various new developments in the field of TV during CES 2018. In addition to the first 8K Ultra HD TV , the Korean manufacturer also presented the first microLED TV. Samsung calls the model ‘The Wall’ and gives the screen a 146-inch format.

Samsung The Wall is the first microLED TV of the company. The television uses a completely new image technique that is similar in nature to OLED but does not use organic material. Where the QLED TVs from Samsung – and other LCD LED TVs – are illuminated by LEDs behind the LCD panel, the pixels at microLED are based on tiny LEDs that display light and color themselves. Thus, in contrast to the LCD LED, no backlighting is required. This should result in deeper blacks, a wider color range, higher contrast and higher brightness.


The 146-inch model from the Korean manufacturer consists of smaller modules and is therefore not limited to size, resolution or shape. For example, Samsung already showed a microLED screen for cinemas . The technology is still in its infancy and we do not yet know all the exact specifications. For example, the resolution of the model shown is unknown. But, Samsung is immediately full because The Wall must, possibly in other screen formats, later this year already appear on the market. The price? We do not dare to think about that yet.