Samsung shows image of 75-inch The Wall microLED TV

Samsung shows image of 75-inch, Earlier this month, Samsung presented the new The Wall TV concept at CES 2018.
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Samsung shows image of 75-inch: Earlier this month, Samsung presented the new The Wall TV concept at CES 2018. This 146-inch television uses the microLED technology with which a new standard in the field of image quality has to be achieved. The German branch of Samsung has now also distributed an image of the 75-inch model.

Samsung shows image of 75-inch

Samsung has already indicated that the 146-inch version of this microLED television should appear on the market this year, probably in the second quarter. However, this variant is primarily intended for commercial applications because 146-inch is a bit too big for many a living room. A 75-inch version is more interesting for consumers and on Facebook Samsung Germany has already shown an image of this version.

The microLED TV from Samsung is unique in several respects. Firstly, the microLED technology ensures that each pixel can be controlled individually, so that black becomes even deeper, the contrast is increased and the brightness goes up. Second, the microLED technique is modular. Samsung has developed modules of approximately 15 by 15 centimeters that can be linked together as LEGO bricks so that you can realize almost any size (and every ratio). And, there are no more problems with the transport or getting through the door of your new television.

That modular is, however, not yet a feature that we can use as a consumer. For the time being, Samsung will stick to predetermined formats and proportions. The first model that comes out has a size of 146-inch and not much later the more interesting 75-inch version for the consumer should appear on the market.