Samsung is rolling out FreeSync support for TVs of various 2018 models

FreeSync support for TVs: Samsung has made a new firmware version available for various 2018 televisions including FreeSync
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Samsung has made a new firmware version available for various 2018 televisions. FreeSync support for TVs is added with the latest software. Together with an Xbox One, Xbox One S or PC this makes a smooth gaming experience possible.

Samsung has good news for the gamers among us, as the NU8000 series and QLED TVs from the company support FreeSync up to 120Hz. This means that the televisions can display a signal of up to 120Hz at full HD resolution. The input lag must be reduced to less than 7ms. The FreeSync technique should ensure a smooth and smooth gameplay.

Users can choose from the Ultimate mode (48-120Hz) and the Basic mode (90-120Hz) via the menu. To use the Freesync function, the source must support it. The feature is currently supported by the latest AMD graphics cards that we find in the Xbox One and the Xbox One, among others.

In addition, the TVs will soon support Variable Resfresh Rate (VRR), which means that the refresh rate of the screen will be adjusted on the source. This feature was announced last year with the  HDMI 2.1 standard  but can therefore be implemented as a separate feature by manufacturers, even though the TVs do not have HDMI 2.1.