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Samsung QLED: Gaming for hours in the very highest image quality (ADV)

There is extensive range available of Samsung QLED that offers very high image quality for hours so you can enjoy gaming non-stop.
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Hours of worry-free gaming and gaming pleasure in the highest image quality, that’s what the Samsung QLED TVs offer you. They are all set to get the best out of Xbox Series X and PS5. Not just in 4K, but even in 8K if you want. Brace yourself, a whole new gaming world will open up for you.

HDMI 2.1: the key to top gaming fun

Groundbreaking gaming fun comes in part from crisper, more detailed and even photo-realistic visuals thanks to techniques such as ray tracing. But for that you need more than just a more powerful game console, the connection to your television also needs an upgrade. Gaming in 4K HDR at 120 frames per second and the best possible image quality? Variable Refresh Rate, Automatic Low Latency Mode? All possible thanks to the HDMI 2.1 connection on the Samsung QLED TVs.

Super-fast action, razor-sharp in the picture

Without a doubt one of the most important new assets for gamers is the ability to game in 4K at 120 frames per second. Long reserved for PC gamers with powerful video cards, this option is now also coming to game consoles. That ultra-high frame rate ensures that even in the most intense action scenes you continue to see all the details razor-sharp. Not only will you not miss any detail, but the gaming experience will also feel much more real. If your console does not deliver 120 frames per second, you can activate Game Motion Plus on your QLED TV to make your gaming experience smoother.

Always smooth images with Samsung QLED

Non-gaming sources such as live TV or streaming provide a fixed number of frames per second. Consoles, on the other hand, calculate each image in real time, which means that the number of images per second can vary. If ten opponents suddenly appear on the screen who shoot wildly around them, the console has to make a lot of extra calculations. Without the right technology, that variable frame rate can cause horizontal cracks in the image, or very slightly stuttering images, often just at a time when you absolutely do not want to. A Samsung QLED TV therefore has VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). The TV then neatly shows every image to the rhythm that the console offers them. In this way, action images will remain smoothly for a while. In addition to HDMI VRR, the QLED TVs are also equipped with AMD Freesync Premium, a VRR technology that you can also use when you game on a PC.

Super-fast action, with ultra-low input lag

To be victorious in battle, you need not only the best image possible, but also super-fast responses. And that applies not only to you, but also to your TV! After all, you don’t want to fly out of the corner, mis-time your jump or miss your shot because there is too much delay between your action and the effect on the screen. Your Samsung QLED TV has an input lag of less than 10 ms in game mode. And thanks to ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) the TV automatically switches to game mode as soon as you start playing it. Start sharpening your reflexes, your TV is ready.

Clear picture and intense colors

You don’t have to play games in the dark with a Samsung QLED TV. After all, QLED technology offers a very high image brightness and intense colors, so that even on a sun-drenched afternoon, you can still enjoy fantastic images. Splashing colors are guaranteed, the QLED screen has a certified 100% color volume for the DCI-P3 standard. Enjoy HDR images with ruby ​​red, emerald green and azure blue.

Deep in the night for an hour of gaming with the lights off, and the next day playing with the curtains open? Thanks to Adaptive Picture, the TV takes the ambient light into account and you don’t have to tinker with the settings to adjust the picture. Your QLED TV provides adapted image itself.

Don’t be surprised!

You sneak through the darkness and suddenly you’re dead! School a monster or an opponent you haven’t seen in that pitch-black corner? This will not happen to you with a Samsung QLED TV. The Dynamic Black Equalizer makes all shadow detail more visible, revealing everything and everyone who is hiding in the shadows.

Play and watch YouTube… at the same time

Can’t you get past that one Boss, or can’t you find that well-hidden treasure? Just look on YouTube to see how other gamers solved it. In fact, watch and play at the same time, all on the same screen. With Multi View you can split the TV screen in two. On one side of the screen you continue to play, on the other side you show a YouTube video from your smartphone. Useful!

An extensive range

Samsung offers you a wide choice if you are looking for the ideal 4K gaming TV. From the Q70T series you can enjoy all the most important gaming features. Those who want an upgrade of the contrast choose the Q80T series with Direct Full Array backlighting. The Q90T series offers a more refined Direct Full Array backlight with more zones, and is equipped with an excellent anti-reflection filter and an improved viewing angle. If you want to hang all that beauty seamlessly on the wall, then choose the Q95T. From 55 inches to 85 inches, there is certainly a QLED TV to suit your setup.

8K: Next level gaming!

You know that the new consoles also offer 8K gaming! Do you want the absolute most detailed gaming experience? Then Samsung has an extensive range of 8K models for you. The Q950TS, Q900T and Q800T are available with screen sizes from 65 inches to an impressive 85 inches. Rest assured, your gaming experience will never be the same.

Samsung QLED: Game without worries, for hours on end

QLED screens do not suffer from burn-in, even if you leave the same image on your screen for hours. Play as long as you want, completely carefree. Samsung even offers you a 10-year warranty against burn-in!

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