Samsung My Shelf: a stylish shelf for The Frame television

Samsung launched the new, stylish Samsung My Shelf, the latest shelf for its TVs, along with release of Samsung TV line-up for 2021

Earlier this week, Samsung released its TV line-up for 2021 announced, including a new version of The Frame. This stylish television can be hung on the wall like a painting and display works of art when you are not watching television. This year, Samsung is also releasing an accessory especially for The Frame, called Samsung My Shelf.

The Samsung My Shelf is, as the name suggests, a shelf for The Frame. However, a shelf does not do justice to the accessory because it is a beautifully designed piece of furniture for on the wall. The television is hung in the furniture and the whole can be mounted on the wall. The My Shelf offers space on both the side and the top for fun accessories such as candles or a plant. Samsung indicates that this can make the wall of the television even more stylish.


The My Shelf is compatible with the 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch variants of The Frame television. There will be a beige, a white, a black and a brown version on the market. According to the Korean manufacturer, these fit perfectly with the different frames for the television. The beige variant will be released soon. The other color variants will also be released later this year. A price has not yet been announced.