Samsung markets The Samsung Wall microled TV in the US

The Wall
Samsung has launched its first microled television, Samsung Wall microled TV, in the United States. It is currently only focusing on business.
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Samsung has launched its first Samsung Wall  microled television TV in the United States. The Korean manufacturer has given the model the name IW008J and is currently only focusing on business and commercial applications.

If you want to buy one of the first micro-led TVs from Samsung, Samsung Wall microled TV, you have to go deep into the pouch. One module of this modular TV costs you about 18,000 dollars. And for a complete 4K screen, four modules are needed, so you’re already on more than 70,000 dollars. You can, however, design the screen the way you want; with four modules you can also create a vertical screen. In addition, you can add as many modules as you want.

The modules have an average brightness of 500 nits, a peak brightness of 16.00 nits and a refresh rate of 60Hz. The PCI-P3 color space can be filled in for 98 percent and the color depth is specified as 20-bit. HDR10 and the new HDR10+ are supported in the field of HDR.

Samsung is currently only focusing on business users and commercial applications with The Wall. The screen also comes with a special coating that prevents damage and the screen comes with a content management system to optimally display content. When Samsung comes with a version for consumers is not yet clear, but according to the latest rumors this would happen early 2019.