Samsung launches The Frame 2018: renewed artwork on the wall

Frame 2018
Samsung launches The Frame 2018. This design television, offers the possibility to display works of art in addition to TV.
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Wander him earlier, but today The Frame 2018 is officially announced by Samsung. This design television, which offers the possibility to display works of art in addition to TV, is equipped with improved functions, new possibilities for rationalization and more works of art.

Samsung launches The Frame 2018

In terms of design, The Frame is still The Frame, with a neatly designed frame that you can hang on the wall or put on a stand. However, the purpose of this TV is not only entertainment through watching TV; you can also have artwork on it, so that the TV is not a black device but a stylish piece of art on the wall. These artworks can be purchased through the Samsung Art Store. Thanks to an improved user interface, you are now searching for art pieces according to Samsung. This can be done on the basis of a specific art form, such as drawings or photography, or you enter a certain color as a search term.

When the TV is off, The Frame changes into a work of art. Built-in sensors respond to the light in the room and adjust the intensity of the screen. Just as the light on a real work of art changes during the course of the day. Through the Samsung No Gap Wall-Mount you hang it completely flat against the wall. You also have the option to switch between four possible color lists; black metal, white metal, light wood and dark wood. With One Invisible Connection, a sleek and transparent cable, you work all your cords away. In addition, you can send power, audio and video data to the TV in that way.

In terms of specifications, The Frame 2018 is equipped with the 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR10+ support. Like the new QLED TV series from Samsung, The Frame 2018 has extra smart features. This makes it easy to quickly set up the TV and have direct access to the content you are looking for. Effortless Log-in sends the Wi-Fi password and data from your Samsung account directly from your phone to the TV via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) without having to re-enter your password. Via the Samsung Smart Hub you can navigate through various streaming services, consoles and live TV. The Frame is equipped with Bixby and makes it possible to display shows and series via voice commands. Via Samsung SmartThings you can control connected smart lights, sound bars, cameras, doors and other smart home devices.

Price and availability

The Frame 2018 will be available in sizes 43, 49, 55 and 65 from this month onwards. inch. The sales advice prices amount to 1,499 euros, 1,899 euros, 2,199 euros and 2,999 euros respectively.