Samsung launches Smart Monitor M8 series with SlimFit Cam

Samsung launches Smart Monitor M8 series with SlimFit Cam in different colors. That series first appeared in November 2020.

The Smart Monitor M8 series is part of Samsung’s Smart Monitor series. That series first appeared in November 2020. Samsung wants to offer an all-in-one solution with these monitors. This model is very suitable as a monitor for your home office, but you can also watch your favorite series or movie on the display.

The Smart Monitor M8 is available as a 32-inch display and has a UHD resolution. The design has been further improved, making the M8 three-quarters slimmer than the previous models with a thin design of 11.4 millimeters. The monitor automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature to the environment and is adjustable in height and also tilt. The new monitor is available in four different colors according to the Shades of Nature theme. Think colors that simulate a clear blue sky, a green forest or the glow of a sunset.

A smart monitor

Of course, the Smart Monitor M8 is also really ‘smart’. This model features a integrated SmartThings Hub for connection to various SmartThings devices without having to start up the PC. You also need a separate dongle to connect to Zigbee devices. Z-Wave is not supported. Bixby and Amazon Alexa are available for voice commands and thanks to the microphone, you’ll see call information on the screen even when it’s turned off. There is also a Workspace user interface and you can use Samsung DeX, Apple AirPlay 2 and Microsoft 365 cloud service. Mirroring the screen from your smartphone is also possible on the M8.

SlimFit Cam

The Smart Monitor M8 is equipped with a magnetic and removable camera called SlimFit Cam. If desired, you can easily attach and remove this wirelessly to your monitor. The SlimFit Cam supports face detection and automatic zoom functions.

Price and availability

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is available for a suggested retail price of 799 euros. Choose from the colors white, blue, pink and green.