Samsung launches Q900R series 8K QLED Television with AI

Samsung launches Q900R series 8K QLED Television with AI
After having shown a first 8K QLED TV in January, Samsung introduces the final first 8K model this week at IFA 2018; the Q900R series.
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After having shown a first 8K QLED TV in January, Samsung launches Q900R series the final first 8K model this week at IFA 2018. In addition to the 8K resolution, the TV comes with various 8K-enhancing features, including Real 8K Resolution, Q HDR 8K and Quantum Processor 8K. The new Samsung QLED 8K TV is available from the beginning of October, for at least 4,999 euros. A 65-, 75- and 85-inch version will be available on the market.

Samsung launches Q900R series 8K QLED tv

The Q900R QLED TV comes with its own algorithm (8K AI Upscaling technology) that the screen resolution adjusts according to the image quality of each scene. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we are looking at a database with millions of images to convert low-resolution content into high-resolution content. If a source contains low-resolution material, image processing is boosted 64 times thanks to the Quantum Processor 8K to display high resolution images without loss of quality. The TV is therefore continuously working to achieve the best possible image quality and can display a 8K Ultra HD image from any source. And that is a feature that is desirable because at this moment hardly any real 8K content is available, not via streaming and not via discs. The expectation is that this high-resolution content will also take some time.

During a performance behind the scenes we were able to view the scaling in action. Initially we compared an 85 inch 8K model with an 85 inch 4K model. There the scaling algorithm could immediately show that, for example with Full HD content, it really does get some extra detail. Samsung even had a (limited) demo of SD material that had to be scaled to 8K. For the sake of clarity, for SD images, each pixel must be converted to 80 (!) Pixels (for 8K) and 20 pixels (for 4K). In this assignment, the 8K screen and the new scaling algorithm also succeeded in presenting better results than its 4K-brother. Inevitably certain image artefacts remained visible, but the result was sharper, certain compression artifacts improved better, and generally gave an excellent result. In a second test, the Samsung was compared with the 8K device from Sharp, and there, too, the Samsung appeared to bring the scaling order to a better end. In some cases we found that the upscaling algorithm had filled in too much detail, but within the tests it was rather exceptional. In short, the new Quantum Processor does deliver substantial added value, which is very important as 8K content will remain very scarce for some time.

The native resolution of the screen is 7,680 at 4,320 pixels; by Samsung Real called 8K Resolution. In addition, the TV has a fald backlight (full array led) with an estimated 10,000 different zones that can be dimmed independently of each other. The panel offers a maximum brightness of 4000cd/m². Q HDR 8K is also present, which basically means that the high brightness together with the support for HDR10+ should provide an optimal HDR experience.

There the artificial intelligence stops however not. Also the audio is thought. The algorithm analyzes the audio per scene and the audio output of the TV is continuously adjusted accordingly. For example, the cheers during a football match are strengthened to increase the atmosphere.

Furthermore, the Samsung Q900R QLED television recognizes which devices are connected (digitally). You can then select these via the One Remote, where the image source and audio output of the TV are automatically optimized for an optimal viewing experience. Lifestyle features such as Ambient Mode have been improved to seamlessly blend the TV in the living room with its surroundings by displaying images, weather, news and more on the screen. The TV also comes with the well-known and five-meter long One Invisible Connection. This thin cable contains the optical cable and current in one cord. The connection with your smarthome products takes place through the SmartThings platform from Samsung, and voice operation is possible thanks to the integration of Bixby.

Price and availability

The sales advice price of the new Samsung QLED 8K televisions is 4.999 euro for the 65-inch version, 6,999 euros for the 75-inch version and 14,999 euros for the 85-inch variant.