Samsung HDR10 + Adaptive: better picture based on ambient light

Samsung HDR10 + Adaptive: Samsung is bringing the HDR10 + Adaptive which will provide better picture to TV viewers based on ambient light
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Samsung HDR10 + Adaptive : Samsung is bringing the HDR10 + Adaptive function to the market with the arrival of its 2021 QLED televisions. This new function uses sensors that measure the light in the vicinity of the television and adjust the image display accordingly. However, it is specifically about the reproduction of HDR10 + material, the HDR standard that was co-developed by Samsung.

Samsung HDR10 + Adaptive

The new feature supports according to Samsung dynamic scene-by-scene optimizations according to the guidelines of the HDR10 + standard. Simply put, this means that each scene is adjusted for optimal viewing by looking at the light that is present in the vicinity of the TV. If you are not watching HDR10 + content, Samsung’s previously launched Ambient Light Detection function does a similar but less advanced optimization.

The latest TVs from Samsung will be officially presented at the beginning of January, during a virtual press conference. At that point, we get to hear and see all the details of the new models. Whether the HDR10 + Adaptive function also comes to older models is as yet unclear.

Samsung is still fully committed to HDR10 + while it is unclear what the future will bring for this HDR standard. For the time being, there is little content available with this standard. Dolby has most of the market with Dolby Vision and introduced this year with Dolby Vision IQ a similar technique that optimizes images based on ambient light.