Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may appear in June 2021

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 rumors appeared recently claim that we should expect the smartphone sometime in June of next year, 2021.
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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 rumors appeared

2021 will be another year for Samsung. As it looks now, the South Korean company will release the Samsung Galaxy S20 successors earlier and we do not have to expect new Galaxy Notes. Now rumors have also appeared about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. That foldable device must also come out earlier than previously thought.

AJUNews Korea writes that Samsung indeed skips the next Note and focuses on the foldable Z Fold series. Users who are completely crazy about the S Pen, the included Note stylus, should look to the stylus that will soon work in combination with the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy Z Fold 3. Probably the stylus is not standard with the S21. This news would come directly from Samsung Electronics, the news website said.

The suspected representative the website spoke to has also confirmed that the Z Fold 3 will be released ahead of schedule. The expectation, from Samsung itself, was that that foldable smartphone would be launched sometime between August and September, just like we do this year. But now we should expect the smartphone sometime in June. The specs are still being worked on, but it doesn’t have to take long now.

And unlike the Galaxy S21, Samsung would intend to supply a stylus with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. In fact, there would be an opening for it in the foldable device, just like the Note series. This means that the Fold series can guarantee the full functionality of a Note, should the rumors be correct. Furthermore, it has reportedly been confirmed that the device will be provided with a better plastic layer, against the inevitable scratches. A camera must also be placed under the screen. Samsung has not responded to the rumors.