Samsung Galaxy S21 features are coming to older smartphones

Latest mobiles always bring new technologies and fucntions but this time Samsung announced that Samsung Galaxy S21 features are coming to older smartphones

OneUI 3.1 was previously exclusively available for the Samsung Galaxy S21 and is based on Android 11. The wider rollout ensures that owners of a Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold 2 (and related devices) can count on some of the Samsung Galaxy S21 features.

Samsung Galaxy S21 features are being rolled out more widely

That let the South Korean company know his own website. For example, the owners of the aforementioned devices can count on the Enhanced Single Take mode, with which you can choose a shot after you have filmed a part. Not only can you choose the best shot, it is also possible to add effects.

The new version of that mode can work with more frames and supports slow motion videos and even lets you filter by type of shots. There is also the function that allows you to remove objects from the image. There is also support for recording with multiple microphones; you can then use the mic on your smartphone as well as one that is linked via bluetooth.

There are also functions that have nothing to do with cameras, such as the Private Share function. This allows you to send photos, videos and other files to people, which are then accessible for a short time. You can even withdraw access to all those files early.

Then there is the Eye Comfort Shield. This is a function that filters the blue light from the screen during the day. Furthermore, you will encounter smart home control within the quick settings of the menu. And there are a number of smaller tweaks and adjustments.